US One VIP | Kitchen Design #6
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Kitchen Design #6

Kitchen Design 1.1

This kitchen was designed with practicality in mind.  That meant creating storage and providing an officiant movement scheme for the daily users who prepare and cook in it.  Nature was the second most important thing to these clients.  Usually, light is what we are all concerned with most of the time when it comes to our homes, how to utilize daylight for our advantage.  For this couple, Nature was their main priority or more so how to incorporate nature in their daily life.  By placing the sink beneath a window, enlarging that window so more of nature may be seen and placing a skylight in the ceiling we were able to provide this couple with a daily escape to the “outdoors” from the comfort of their own home.  Every morning they enjoy the birds singing,  watch the squirrels with their daily catch or even spot a ripe tomato growing among their beautiful fresh vegetable garden.  


February 17, 2016