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Home Design Services from A-Z

Whether you’re interested in upgrading your kitchen cabinets, Bathroom or completely remodeling your entire basement or home, our design team will be there to guide you through it from A-Z.

Kitchen remodeling

Your kitchen is the social hub of the house.  It’s where we both cook & entertain.  Designing this space properly the first time, will provide you with both proper storage solutions and an economical use of the space.

Bathroom Remodeling

The bathroom is considered the second most valuable space in the house.  It must first be professionally constructed in order to prevent leaks or water damage in the the future, secondly it should be safe to use and finally easy to maintain.

Basement Remodeling

Proper planing of your basement can help you achieve your ultimate needs by providing you with multiple space uses, whether it is a Rec-Room, office, workshop, living space or GYM.

Handyman Services

Our crew is trained, experienced and capable of doing any handyman job. From small electrical and plumbing jobs to carpentry, drywall, painting, caulking or anything else that needs to be fixed around the house.

Prepping your home for sale

We are very experienced with working both with homeowners and realtors and are aware of the process of doing the most for less, while keeping abreast of the inspection needs.

Providing our seniors & special needs with home solutions

We make it possible for the elderly or people with special needs to stay in their homes.  Whether you you are looking for simple adjustments or an entire home renovation in order to manage yours or your loved one’s changing needs, we can help!  We will provide you with alternatives in order to enable you to keep up with daily activities around your home in a safe environment.

VIP Home Management Program

The VIP Home Management Program was established to provide residential homeowners with a complete service of maintenance and management for their homes.

Wall Murals

Whether you’re looking for a touch of color in your kitchen or living room or a complete transformation of your child’s bedroom, we can help you custom design your favorite images into a perfect wall mural.

VIP Home Management Program

We’ve got your back. So you can relax and enjoy yourself while we take care of life’s unexpected problems.

The VIP Home Management Program was established to provide residential homeowners with a complete service of maintenance and management for their homes. We provide:

• Coordination of all repair and maintenance needed around your house.

• Emergency service, with quick response to problems like flooding, electrical and plumbing problems.

• Key Service which enables a bonded representative to open your house for subcontractors.

• A seasonal newsletter with do-it-yourself reminders and tips.


To join, fill out and submit the VIP Home Management contract form. Our annual membership fees are $150 for a primary residence and $250 for a rental property. Upon receipt of your contract, we’ll schedule an appointment to review your property with you.

Contact us now for a free quote on your project